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Why a master's choice examination?

A master's choice is usually centered on the work, which a person would like to do. For students, who want to complete their studies with a master's degree, it is therefore important to understand the type of work that suits them and the industry and organization(s) in which they would like to work.

What does a master's choice examination look like?

An intake form will be sent after registration. This contains specific questions about the bachelor's degree and a master's degree and the occupations and work environments, which could result from it.

The examination begins at 9 a. m. and concludes at approximately 4:30 p.m. with a final interview. During the test day, various (Big Five) personality and interest questionnaires are administered and a career scan is offered. With this instrument, all kinds of work-related characteristics are visualized. There are also several interviews with a psychologist.

Hybrid testing
Instead of the on-site testing day, a hybrid setup can be chosen. Digitally there will be an introductory interview, after which the tests will be taken independently at home. Prior to the consultation, a number of tests can be taken on location by mutual agreement.


Based on the examination results, a recommendation is made at the end of the test day regarding the choice of a master's degree.

Hybrid research
The counseling session is scheduled at an agreed upon date and time and takes place on location.

Within two weeks of the completion of the examination, the written report takes place. The report includes, among other things, the results from the career scan, personality and interest survey, which together formed part of the master's choice examination and, of course, all advice, which was explained in the follow-up discussion.

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